CKAD In Action

My first day as a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

I did it. Last night, I got the results of my CKAD exam. I passed. I sent Sean and Paul messages on Slack. I actually sent my mom and dad a message too. My wife and kids were asleep, so I just sat there, looking at my phone. That was it. The minimum suggested amount of celebration was not met. Yay? So what now?

Well, today at the office, one of my favorite people stopped by. They brought some really, really, cool, new, hot, hot, monitoring tools.

  • “What do we need to do to take this stuff for a spin?”
    • “Do you have a kubernetes cluster?”
  • “I can create one in GCP really quick!”
    • “That works, I have the deployment files, all you need to do is ‘kubectl apply -f….’”

A few minutes later, the cluster was deployed and all of the tools were up and running.

A few weeks ago, I probably wouldn’t have volunteered to stand things up. Today, I had a ton of confidence, I knew what I was doing, and I didn’t have to search for any of the commands. Today, I put my CKAD into action, and it was good.