Active Geo-Replication in Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise is GA

Last week was a super high energy week for me. I was exhausted most of the weekend. This week, was more of the same. Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise (ACRE) became generally available (GA) on Tuesday. Microsoft made the big announcement during Microsoft Ignite 2021. For me, it was a big relief, followed by dozens and dozens of tests and validation.

It’s real. It’s finally here. You can see it and touch it and its GA!

The announcements

I don’t think magnitude of this event has fully registered yet. This press release with a quote from Aaron Phillips, hit me right in my feelings.

Multi-region and active-active in about 15 minutes

I have never before had the ability, to deploy multi-region with active-active with this much consistency and ease. From nothing, using Terraform and ARM templates, I can stand up 2 regions in active-active configuration. It takes about 15 minutes, but depends on where you are located, and the target regions.

It’s Friday night, the weekend is here, and I am still freaking out about this. It couldn’t wait until Monday. I had to share this, right now.

I’m in Kansas City, Missouri. Using this repository, I deployed to East US 2 and West US 2, in under 15 minutes. That’s not even the craziest part. The craziest part is that I’m still getting < 1ms latency on my writes!

The Terraform provider for Azurerm v2.50.0, doesn’t have the active geo-replication feature included yet. This feature is still in public preview. So this repository uses ARM templates for configuring the geo-replication.

The product roadmap for ACRE is even more exciting and updates are coming soon.

Until then, have fun deploying Redis Enterprise, to the cloud with the most regions, in active-active configuration.